Texas Tweed Lite- Naturals
Texas Tweed Lite- Naturals
Texas Tweed Lite- Naturals

Texas Tweed Lite- Naturals

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Yarn. Born in Texas. Starting with hand-selected raw fleeces from rambouillet sheep raised on the range in West Texas. Then blended with kid mohair from our Independence herd and the Texas Hill Country. Spun up in a semi-worsted fashion, this yarn is a tweedy example of the exceptional fibers produced by the Lone Star State. In addition to the natural white of the rambouillet-mohair blend, the select shades of yarn come from the natural colors found in Angora goats. Alternatively, some of our yarn bases have their shading imparted to them by our naturally colored Rambouillet flock, blended with either white or dark grey mohair.

Our labeling details the fiber blend and "pasture of origin" of each yarn...providing the handcraft artist with a true sense of place for their projects. 

Our yarns are minimally processed, no harsh chemicals, with a bit of the Texas range included. We think it is perfectly imperfect. Thank you for giving it a home in your stash. And, thank you for supporting Texas wool and mohair producers. This is indeed "The Yarn Our Land Made".

Blend - 50% Rambouillet / 50% Kid mohair
Weight - Sport
Ply - 2
Approximate Yardage - 200 

Approximate weight - 2.6 ounces